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Talking tech: around the world in start-up communities

As more and more start-up communities around the world look to challenge San Francisco’s Silicon Valley for the tech-hub crown, we explore some of the most thriving tech ecosystems on the planet, and how communication is playing a key role in their success.

Women at MIPIM: Cannes it change?

Ahead of MIPIM next week, I've been reflecting on its recent bad press and the future of the conference.

A quick guide for MIPIM first timers

There’s plenty of advice out there on how to ‘survive’ MIPIM but ultimately, writing check lists that include comfy footwear and extra chargers for your phone aren’t going to do the one thing you’re out there to do – build your network and seek out new business opportunities.

The three 'C's - Christmas, change and communication

I know for some, the ‘C’ word should only be uttered during the month of December, not a day before and definitely not in February but bear with me. 

Five super-duper places with super-duper destination branding

When marketing a destination or place, creating a strong but accessible identity is vital. This identity provides a platform for marketing, influencing how people perceive the place and even how the people living and working there see themselves.

Reinventing the Albert Dock

Regenerating the Albert Dock brought with it the enormous challenge of reinventing a place which meant so much to one generation, but little to another. Originally built in 1839, the Albert Dock heralded an era of British dominance in sea trade, at a time when Liverpool was the country’s second city.

Build it and they won't come: communications for your destination

As HS2 edges closer to becoming a reality, towns and cities along its proposed route are naturally benefiting from investment and regeneration. The same thing has happened with Crossrail. New rail lines mean more footfall and more footfall means more opportunity for businesses. Businesses, we have it on good authority, are big fans of opportunity.

A blast from placemaking's past

Placemaking has been somewhat in vogue within the property sector for some time now, but where on earth did it come from?

Here comes your Mann

Nicky Hughes, associate director and head of place communications at Active Profile, discusses what has made a man of Mann Island.

Property team to work on two key property schemes

Kier Property and CTP has appointed the Active Profile property team to provide event management support and marketing consultancy services for its regeneration plans for Pall Mall.

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