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Arts and technology festivals at home and on our 'list'

When we hear the word “festival”, we might think of music, food or arts, but in recent times, we’ve seen technology entering the scene and captivating audiences across the world.

Why fintech is one to watch in 2018

Gone are the days of cheque books, requesting mini-statements and queuing at the bank — technology is changing the way we handle our finances massively.

What if we told you marketing content doesn't have to be boring?

Here’s something people don’t say enough: there’s a lot of bad marketing content knocking about. A lot of tedious, regurgitated, badly written content. Too often, corporate web copy and blog posts are where people play safe and imagination goes to die. A couple of reasons for this stand out…

Our PR tips for scale-up businesses include: "be less British"

When it comes to successful scale-up businesses, you could be forgiven for thinking that the US has a monopoly on them. Sound far-fetched? Just give this a try – ask everyone in the office to name a scale up business and I’d put good money on it that US Goliaths like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Airbnb are among the first responses you get back.

The five greatest differences between start-up and scale-up comms

At some point during the journey of a start-up business, if it doesn’t crash and burn in a ball of flames, it may turn into what is called a “scale-up.” Although they may sound similar, there are some big differences between the two…

Active Profile works with Sensor City to ‘Make the Future Happen’

Communications agency, Active Profile is working with innovation hub, Sensor City, as the landmark venture drives forward its vision to create a global hub for sensor technologies in the UK.

Inspiring the next generation of female innovators

As a business founded by a computer science graduate, Active Profile has always been passionate about technology and widening participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths).

Are sensors and IoT the ‘eyes and ears’ of marketeers?

Claire Ephgrave, account manager at Active Profile looks at how sensor technology is transforming marketing.

Technology driving science

Active Profile’s Managing Director Anna Heyes was out and about at the EuroScience Open Forum in Manchester last week. Here, she reflects on four technology-driven research trends impacting R&D projects.

Innovation: What we learnt from Utility Week Live

Utility Week Live is the essential show for any business operating in, or engaged with, the water, gas and electricity sectors.

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