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Reverse engineering your buyer personas

You can streamline your process for creating buyer personas by approaching them in reverse.

Buyer personas are characterisations of the people businesses want to target to buy their products or services. Most businesses – or at least their comms departments – will be familiar with the concept of buyer personas.

What if we told you marketing content doesn't have to be boring?

Here’s something people don’t say enough: there’s a lot of bad marketing content knocking about. A lot of tedious, regurgitated, badly written content. Too often, corporate web copy and blog posts are where people play safe and imagination goes to die. A couple of reasons for this stand out…

If you think PR, marketing and lead-gen are separate, you're doing them wrong

Although we think of PR, marketing and lead generation as all part of the communications mix, organisations often deliver them separately and for separate purposes. While that approach may have made sense historically, when the boundaries of those disciplines were more defined and the outputs more distinct, it’s not the way to go about things now.

Drastically evolving communications landscape drives growth

Here at Active Profile we are proud to announce an increase in revenue following the launch of our newly formed inbound marketing and lead generation team, securing a raft of new technology clients.

The Liverpool HubSpot User Group - June Edition

On Tuesday 27th March we hosted the second Liverpool HubSpot User Group (HUG) for marketers and HubSpot customers in the city. The Liverpool HUG is the only event in the Liverpool City Region dedicated to the promotion of inbound marketing with HubSpot and is part of a global HUG community. A HUG  is a place for savvy marketers to meet other like-minded individuals to skill share on the many...

What you need to know about the rise of social selling

The momentum of "social selling" is growing rapidly and it's important that sales people realise the importance of this relatively new sales tactic.

How Google search ruins Netflix for me, a warning to the curious

  Active Profile's online PR and content manager, Christopher Brown on how Google's algorithm can ruin TV. 

Thinking digital when choosing a brand name

  Active Profile Online PR and Content Manager, Christopher Brown on the SEO impacts of what you call yourself.

Building a profile online isn’t magic

  Active Profile Online PR and Content Manager, Christopher Brown explains how good websites, great content and using tools to talk directly to your audience are the best ways to grow.