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What's in store for 2017? Active Profile shares its predictions

Before we step away from the office and reach for the turkey and mince pies, we look back on the whirlwind that has been 2016. A quick fire round in the Active Profile office on the defining moments of the year threw out:

Active Profilers ‘do’ Christmas

Check out what our team will be getting up to over the Christmas break…

What we were looking for to make the Inspired Spaces North shortlist

  Carrie Allen, Active Profile senior account executive

8 tips to make your office more creative that you can do right now, from the Inspired Spaces North Community

Making your space more creative will keep your workforce happy, boost productivity and make your products better. Inspired Spaces North is all about showcasing creative workspaces across the north of England. But how can you bring a bit more creativity to your office? Check our top tips. Here are some of the top tips from the Inspired Spaces North community:

Why Inspired Spaces North?

    Anna Heyes, managing director of Active Profile.

Are sensors and IoT the ‘eyes and ears’ of marketeers?

Claire Ephgrave, account manager at Active Profile looks at how sensor technology is transforming marketing.

Is Pokémon Go the retail industry’s new best friend?

  Nicky Hughes, associate director and head of property and regeneration at Active Profile looks at Pokémon Go in relation to the retail industry.


Our latest ‘Active Profiler’ comes from our Head of Property and Regeneration, associate director Nicky Hughes

Technology driving science

Active Profile’s Managing Director Anna Heyes was out and about at the EuroScience Open Forum in Manchester last week. Here, she reflects on four technology-driven research trends impacting R&D projects.

How Google search ruins Netflix for me, a warning to the curious

  Active Profile's online PR and content manager, Christopher Brown on how Google's algorithm can ruin TV. 

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