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Our latest ‘Active Profiler’ comes from our Head of Property and Regeneration, associate director Nicky Hughes

11 August, 2016

Technology driving science

Active Profile’s Managing Director Anna Heyes was out and about at the EuroScience Open Forum in Manchester last week. Here, she reflects on four technology-driven research trends impacting R&D projects.

01 August, 2016

How Google search ruins Netflix for me, a warning to the curious

  Active Profile's online PR and content manager, Christopher Brown on how Google's algorithm can ruin TV. 

22 July, 2016

Northern Powerhouse come what May?

Active Profile's Managing Director Anna Heyes on how the events of the last few weeks could impact on the Northern Powerhouse.

14 July, 2016

Thinking digital when choosing a brand name

  Active Profile Online PR and Content Manager, Christopher Brown on the SEO impacts of what you call yourself.

04 July, 2016

Building a profile online isn’t magic

  Active Profile Online PR and Content Manager, Christopher Brown explains how good websites, great content and using tools to talk directly to your audience are the best ways to grow.

28 June, 2016

Innovation: What we learnt from Utility Week Live

Utility Week Live is the essential show for any business operating in, or engaged with, the water, gas and electricity sectors.

03 June, 2016

Business Rocks with start-ups, innovation and music

There were DJs welcoming people at the door and musicians playing around the stands last week at the Business Rocks event in Manchester.

27 April, 2016

Using statistics in digital storytelling

Facts and figures are there to tell a tale. Whether that be good or bad, exciting or just letting people know that it’s “business as usual” a good bank of statistics can let everybody know exactly where you are and where you are headed.

23 March, 2016

BLOG: My favourite building

Nicky Hughes, Associate Director and Head of Property and Regeneration at Active Profile.

16 March, 2016
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