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Inspired Spaces North returns to crown the North's most inspiring workspaces

The search is on to find some of the North of England’s most inspiring workspaces, as Inspired Spaces North launches for the second year.

Nuggets of knowledge on the power of creative placemaking

Placemaking comes in all shapes and sizes. In Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, it’s on the large side - 450 acres to be exact. That area plays host to over 50,000 students and 14,000 jobs. It boasts “major players” in the science, health, technology, culture and education industries and, as a scheme, is aimed at positioning Liverpool at the forefront of global innovation.

Northern Gateway Development Zone gets out-of-this-world branding

The Northern Gateway Development Zone has been rebranded under the banner of the Constellation Partnership. The area, which covers seven Local Authorities and two Local Enterprise Partnerships across Cheshire and Staffordshire, sits on the planned High Speed 2 (HS2) route and has subsequently been boosted by investment.

Hammocks, ball pits and skywalks show placemaking in nature

So often, we see placemaking interventions like public artworks, new squares or mixed-use developments seek to bring nature into our towns and cities. But what happens when we try to do the opposite? A masterplan for a park in Istanbul, Turkey, shows how placemaking can be employed to bring people out into nature.

Garden Bridge Trust explains its placemaking communications approach

A report published last week by the UK’s Charity Commission commended the financial management for London’s proposed Garden Bridge. It is the latest potential pitfall negotiated for a placemaking project that has required meticulous communications delivery.

“Pocket park” shows the best placemaking ideas needn't be the biggest

As we’ve seen, placemaking principles can be applied to developments on a massive scale, but they can also be employed on the very small, creating places within places. As part of one of its projects, WOHA Architects incorporated a tiny “pocket park” into the body of a building.

New floating city would be the ultimate of placemaking projects

As placemaking projects go, creating an entirely new city that floats on the ocean is about as literal as it gets – and as ambitious too. That’s exactly what French Polynesia, in the South Pacific, plans to do, though. The archipelago nation last month signed an agreement with the Seasteading Institute to cooperate on developing the legislation for such a floating city.

Terraced mixed-use development to be verdant placemaking example

Sometimes, placemaking can be based on just a building’s functionality or its architectural aesthetic. AART Architects’ planned Nicolinehus, mixed-use development, however, will not only attract people with both residential and commercial offerings, but with an exciting staggered design that will be awash with greenery.

Swedish city's "living room" showcases placemaking design at its best

Town halls and train stations rarely boast designs that are much more than perfunctory, but Swedish studio White Arkitekter has designed a new combined-use building that it hopes will become “a new public living room for the city of Växjö.”

Sustainable music school concept shows design making places better

A proposed academy in Kraków, Poland, would not only give local residents a place to study and listen to music, but would be a new leisure destination within the city and help to clean its air. Referred to by project designer FAAB Architektura only as the “Music Academy,” it would boast a smog-eating green roof and be situated in a newly built public park.