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What if we told you marketing content doesn't have to be boring?

Here’s something people don’t say enough: there’s a lot of bad marketing content knocking about. A lot of tedious, regurgitated, badly written content. Too often, corporate web copy and blog posts are where people play safe and imagination goes to die. A couple of reasons for this stand out…

If you think PR, marketing and lead-gen are separate, you're doing them wrong

Although we think of PR, marketing and lead generation as all part of the communications mix, organisations often deliver them separately and for separate purposes. While that approach may have made sense historically, when the boundaries of those disciplines were more defined and the outputs more distinct, it’s not the way to go about things now.

Our PR tips for scale-up businesses include: "be less British"

When it comes to successful scale-up businesses, you could be forgiven for thinking that the US has a monopoly on them. Sound far-fetched? Just give this a try – ask everyone in the office to name a scale up business and I’d put good money on it that US Goliaths like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Airbnb are among the first responses you get back.

Reinventing the Albert Dock

Regenerating the Albert Dock brought with it the enormous challenge of reinventing a place which meant so much to one generation, but little to another. Originally built in 1839, the Albert Dock heralded an era of British dominance in sea trade, at a time when Liverpool was the country’s second city.

Another chapter of Active Profile's growth story announced this week

We’re delighted to announce that Natalie Fox, Jo Spragg and Nicky Hughes have joined the board of directors at Active Profile.

The move follows a restructure of the business into three interrelated teams last year; the Innovation industry team headed up by Jo Spragg and the Place communications team led by Nicky Hughes, as well as the recently launched Growth Marketing team spearheaded by...

We're recruiting a Senior Account Executive

HERE is your chance to join a leading specialist PR team.  

Strategic public relations and communications agency, Active Profile, is looking for an all-round team player to take on the role of senior account executive. 

Build it and they won't come: communications for your destination

As HS2 edges closer to becoming a reality, towns and cities along its proposed route are naturally benefiting from investment and regeneration. The same thing has happened with Crossrail. New rail lines mean more footfall and more footfall means more opportunity for businesses. Businesses, we have it on good authority, are big fans of opportunity.

The five greatest differences between start-up and scale-up comms

At some point during the journey of a start-up business, if it doesn’t crash and burn in a ball of flames, it may turn into what is called a “scale-up.” Although they may sound similar, there are some big differences between the two…

Team to take on charity abseil with Sensor City

We are taking fundraising to new heights this weekend as Jo, Carrie and Amy H are all set to abseil from the top of Sensor City, all in the name of raising money for breast cancer awareness.

A blast from placemaking's past

Placemaking has been somewhat in vogue within the property sector for some time now, but where on earth did it come from?

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